ResMed H5i

The Resmed H5i is a heated humidifier that attaches to the Resmed S9 CPAP machine. This is for those individuals that suffer with dryness and congestion. Having sleep apnea and using a CPAP for treatment does not mean that you need to suffer with nasal and throat dryness. After having a good night’s rest you do not want to wake up with a dry throat and nose.

The Resmed H5i is easy to attach to the S9 and can be purchased either with the standard water bowl or the removable bowl for easy cleaning. The S9 will detect when the Resmed H5i is hooked up and the user is ready to go. There are no buttons and no added directions to have to follow when using this device.

Having already suffered with obstructive sleep apnea many already know what it is like to wake up with a very dry throat. All of those years of snoring can cause both throats and nostrils to become over dry. This is not only uncomfortable but can open the delicate tissues for infection to set in. In the winter months when the humidity is lower inside, the dryness can become worse. This is a time when many choose to use the H5i. When a patient has a cold and is having bouts of congestion the added humidity can also be very helpful.

With the Resmed H5i there is no large amount of weight added to the machine. Traveling and portability do not become harder. The added humidity of the H5i can also be very helpful when traveling to areas of the world where the humidity may be less than what you are used to.

When ordering the H5i, make sure to order the ClimateLine tubing. Using the right tubing will give you the maximum benefits that you need. For those using the S9 in a hospital or multi-patient setting the H5i with the removable water bowl is recommended. With the ease of removing and cleaning the container and replacing, this is the best in clinical cleanliness for multi-patient use. All units are easy to take apart and put back together. This is great for those patients who choose to have the Resmed H5i with the removable tank to clean.

The Resmed H5i adds heated humidity to add to the comfort of getting the rest you need. With the humidity added to the rest of the system you will wonder why it took this long to get the sleep needed. Many patients remark that they should not have waited so long to try the H5i. After waking with dryness and being uncomfortable for so long and then having the opportunity to use the H5i, many will not go without the H5i again.

With the comfort of the accessories such as the Resmed masks and nasal pillows the H5i is another comfort creature. Getting the rest a person needs is so important. By getting our rest, we are saving ourselves from possible stroke, accidents from being tired and confusion or lack of concentration. With the Resmed H5i there is no need to have a dry throat or nostrils while you sleep.